FixMasters Team

Denis Tskhay


Mr. Tskhay is a professional remodeling contractor with more than 15 years of remodeling and construction experience. There is no too big or too small job for him, because he takes a deep pride in what he does. Denis knows how to create a perfect craftsmaship and turn old houses into new living spaces with flawless designs and perfect time management. In his free time he likes to spend time with the family and watch thriller movies.

Nikolay Lugovkin


Mr. Lugovkin is a remodeling and engineering professional. Mr. Lugovkin dedicated his time in perfecting the craft of remodeling while keeping his engineering precision in every project he takes. According to Nikolay Lugovkin by partnering with Mr. Tskhay, they are ready to take care the home owners in the entire Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C areas. Nikolay enjoys to play tennis and travel around the world in his free time.


Evgeniy Novikov

Handyman in Charge

Eugene is a professional contractor & carpenter of DTL Remodeling team. He is a well respected contractor and has 50 years of experience in carpentry and construction industries. An approach that he uses in remodeling houses is very unique and well-thought. Eugene is very valuable member of a company. Every project he takes,  he leaves our customers happy and satisfied when the job is done. Eugene likes to spend his free time with his family and travel around the nature.